Sunday Services

Whilst Sunday morning worship is normally held in the individual churches, occasionally churches will join together to share in worship. In addition to morning worship we hold approximately four joint circuit services, which usually take place on a Sunday afternoon and alternate between the four churches. Services are led by ministers, local preachers and sometimes worship leaders.  Our circuit produces a preaching plan every three months, details of which you can find below:

Key: (S): Communion,  (P): Parade Services,  (AAW):  All Age Worship

Café Church

On the third Sunday of every month worship takes place in the form of Café Church in The Cornerstone Centre (Eaton Road North) at West Derby Methodist Church.  Café Church opens its doors at 10am, and ‘breakfast’ refreshments are available (at no charge).  Worship starts at 10:30am, and those attending remain seated around the tables, as they sing contemporary worship songs, pray, hear a short message and see bible verses presented in different ways.  Part way through the service drinks and cake are served.  Café Church is relaxed and informal.  There are papers and activity sheets on the tables, a play area for young children and musical instruments—something for everyone!  The service aims to finish by 11:30am – 11:40am.

Refreshment Stop

Prayer and reflection lasting 30 minutes, followed by refreshments.  Tuesdays 11:30am at County Methodist Church.

Bible Study

Bible Study is held on the 4th Thursday of the month at West Derby Methodist Church, 7pm in The Cornerstone Centre, Eaton Road North.